So your law firm wants to make a video, but you’re not sure what it should be about. This is one of the most challenging parts of making a video. The content of the video is most important because it will either attract or repel the viewer. So here are four talking points that will keep your viewer intrigued and informed. 

Point 1: Who you are
This seems simple, almost too simple right? Well it is, but you would be surprised how often it’s forgotten. This often the first thing you lead with when introducing your firm. So, in a video, we want to introduce your firm within the first 20-30 seconds. This establishes for the viewer who you are and who your firm is.

Point 2: What we do
This is also seems simple, right? This is your services, or areas of specialty. When you ask a lawyer what they do they often say things like “We work in personal injury, family, criminal, or estate planning law.” While the fields of practice you work on is good for the viewer, try to dive a little deeper with it. What about what you do makes it special? What is your favorite part about working in those fields? This creates a little more interest for the viewer.

Point 3: Why we do it

Here is where we are really getting to the meat of the content. Now the viewer knows who you are and what you do, but what is really going to connect with them is why you do it. This is something most people don’t take time to give much thought. When you talk about why you do what you do, this lets people connect on a personal level. Why did you care about the particular field that you serve? Why did you decide to go into the legal field and not something else? These types of questions create an emotional connection with the viewer and draws them in. It also allows them to learn why you are so passionate about law.

Point 4: For whom
This talking point identifies who your ideal clients are. This is where you are defining your target market and what types of clients you want to work with. If your firm is more of a generalist, your list will likely be long and include anyone. However, you want to figure out someway to position yourself as an expert in something for someone. The other option is that your firm is very specialized and serves one, or only a few, industries or markets. Either way, it is good to include a statement similar to “We provide (services) to (industries).”

Point 5: To what benefit
This is what viewers care about the most. How does what you do ultimately benefit them? What problems do you help solve for clients? You have to relate what you do to why they should care. If you only talk about what you do and why you do it but don’t talk about how it benefits them, then the viewer is likely to stop watching or not remember your video. Try to stay away from cliché answers such as “we have great customer service” or “we make sure the job is done right” because everyone else uses these so much they have become meaningless. So dig deeper and be creative. Again, focus on the problems you solve for clients. The bigger problem you solve, the more likely they will be to use you.

So these are five talking points for your next video about your law firm. Also don’t forget to be creative and make it original. The more you showcase who you are the better. And if you ever get stuck and need any help, we’re always here to lend a hand!


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