Guest Contributor: Helen Clark – Video Caddy


Video has become a very powerful business tool on this planet today. A well-crafted corporate video shows a business in a new light, presenting its entire profile in a spectacle of professionalism. It’s the most powerful way to reach potential clients and customers. Here are a few of the benefits of corporate video.

  • They extend the reach of your business. When you upload a corporate video onto a popular video sharing service like YouTube, then you are tapping into a base of users that you might not have been able to access any other way.
  • Videos serve as an elevator pitch for your business, but it’s like getting to pitch to millions of people over the lifespan of the video. Design it in a way that presents a lot of information in a short amount of time.
  • One of the most significant benefits of corporate video is that they have a chance to go viral. When used with the proper social media marketing strategy, it’s possible to create a massive following in a short time-frame.
  • Corporate videos are unique, and they grab an audience’s attention quickly. Utilize corporate video editing to make them stand out even more!

A Corporate Video Should Provide an Overview of Your Business

The term itself is used to describe both internal and external videos that showcase a specific message. It’s different from an advertisement in that it doesn’t necessarily target your sales demographic. It is usually intended for a specific audience and not the general public, although I still encourage you to share certain ones on social media.

The only exception would be internal corporate videos, like training videos and promotional videos for a new product (before you announce its development). However, certain videos can be saved and shown later as part of a marketing campaign.


All Businesses Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

One reason is that everyone absorbs information differently, so a video is usually a powerful educational tool. Let’s assume that you are creating a video to show customers how to use a specific product properly. Some of your audience might be audible learners while others are visual learners. A video would satisfy both requirements. You could then have that video written as a blog post with minimal effort to cater to learners who are better at reading than following a video.

Using the same example as above, a “how-to” video must be shared publically. Although your audience is primarily people who have bought your product and want to learn how to use it, the video would also showcase it to leads. The point is that Google loves videos, and so corporate videos will improve the SEO of your website.

Finally, we live in an age where videos are easy to share. You can embed videos on your website by copy/pasting a simple code or by installing plugins. Furthermore, there is a chance that people will share your video if you post the link on social media.

Five Huge Benefits of Corporate Video

Now let’s look at the five top benefits of corporate video to motivate you further, in case there are still any doubts in your mind.

#1: Search Engines Give a Lot of Weight to Videos

Videos that are tagged accordingly with the right description are going to be given some serious weight with search engines. Even small businesses are finding ways to corner specific niches by creating high-quality videos. But one of the most amazing tricks is to include a transcript of the video, along with the video, on your website. This is where your SEO ranking will start to experience a significant improvement through videos.

#2: Corporate Videos can be Used to Generate Brand Awareness

We see successful brands using this type of video to improve brand awareness. Coca-Cola is one of the most successful brands in the world, and they are continually releasing their corporate videos to the public to provide a behind the scenes look at their business. These videos make consumers feel as if they are an important part of the company. People love to see behind-the-scenes videos of their favorite brands.

#3: Videos get Shared More than Any Other Form of Media

Social media should be the foundation of a brand’s overall marketing strategy. This is where you’re going to have the most reach for the lowest amount of investment. Social media is the low hanging fruit of marketing. So when you share a video on Facebook (for example), then people can share that same video with their friends and family, who then share it with even more people.

#4: A Video Turns Leads into Customers

There is currently no other form of media that converts lead as effectively as a video. Since converting leads into customers is the primary goal of your marketing plan, then it’s safe to say that videos are a requirement to achieve that end. Landing pages that contain a video convert 80% more often than ones that contain text only.

#5: Videos get Customers to Engage with Brands

Videos generate a lot of buzz and excitement about a brand, therefore causing people to engage with them more. It’s because videos tap into our emotional side, and people buy based on emotion. These emotions are then used to build a brand’s identity. That’s why people love social media. It allows them to connect with their favorite things.

Final Thoughts

This post has barely scratched the surface on the benefits of corporate video. Videos are no longer considered optional. They are a necessity in all industries. Some videos are designed to boost employee productivity while others are focused on helping consumers solve a specific problem. Corporate videos must be able to communicate a message effectively.

Finally, make sure that you invest in the right corporate video editing services so that your video stands out.