Think about the last video you saw from a brand that was really good. Why was it so great? To make a great brand video you need strategic messaging that will connect, inform and motivate the viewer to take a desired action. If you’re thinking about producing your first, or next, brand video for your company, consider the following suggestions to make it one of the great ones.

Tip #1: Tell A Story

This might sound odd, but telling a story is the easiest way to connect with people. Instead of focusing solely on your great product, price and service, try telling a story about a great experience a customer had with your company. Or maybe tell the story behind why the company decided to offer that product/service. By telling a story, you will be able to connect with viewers which establishes a better understanding of your message and they won’t feel like they are being “sold” to.

Tip #2: Focus on Benefits

Traditional commercials tend to focus entirely on FEATURES, FEATURES, FEATURES!! For a while this model worked. But it’s 2017 and consumer buying behavior has changed drastically. So you need to keep in mind that people care more about the benefits of your product or service’s features. For example, a traditional pen salesman might say “this pen is sturdy, writes in blue or black ink and is comfortable to hold. Want to buy one?” Instead, he should say “This pen is so sturdy you’ll be able to use it for a lifetime. It writes in blue or black ink because we like giving people the option that best fits their need. This pen is also so comfortable to hold your hand won’t get tired of writing with it. How many would you like?” See, there is a big difference. Viewers need to understand the benefits of how your product/service is going to impact their lives.

Tips #3: Have a Call to Action

Let’s say someone watches your brand video on social media. They like it, are engaged and informed, but there’s nothing that compels them to take a specific action. So how effective really was it? Video marketing converts viewers to buyers best when the video compels them to take a specific action. This can be done in many ways. But I don’t suggest the cliché “click or call today!” as this has almost lost it’s effectiveness entirely due to oversaturated use. Instead, try something a little more aspirational. For example, a typical insurance agent video might encourage the viewer to go to the website for a free quote. But instead, what if they said “Give me a call today so I can help you make sure your family is safe and protected”. Which one compels you to call them more?

These aren’t all the tips to make a great brand video, but these are three big ones. Whether you’re producing your first or tenth video, give these tips a try to make it connect, inform and motivate the viewer. And if you need any other tips or help from a professional, we’re always here to lend a hand!