So, your company has just finished their awesome brand video and they come to you looking for ideas on how to market it. However, the problem is you’re not exactly a video marketing expert, and it seems like there are only a million different things you can try. How do you know what really works?

Well, if this is you, let this article relieve some stress by giving you a few proven strategies to maximize your video marketing efforts.

Tip #1: Blast online, not TV.

Many businesses assume that TV must be the best place to distribute all video content, right? Wrong. It’s 2017 and statistics show that only 50% of consumers are watching live TV anymore. That means the other half is either not watching TV, or they are recording it to fast-forward through your commercials. So, instead, build your video marketing strategy around online distribution, since this is where the majority of your audience spends most of their time.

Tip #2: Showoff on company website

This may seem like common sense, but surprisingly many people don’t think of this. The best place to put your brand video is on the home page of your website. This is the first place visitors land and you have the highest probability of them watching it when it’s the first thing they see. As a bonus, visitors watching your video will likely spend double the amount of time on your site altogether; but even just having it on there will still greatly improve Google search results.

Tip #3: Upload to YouTube

YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google with 1 billion monthly visitors. You don’t want to miss out on its potential to help you reach an enormous audience, or its ability to boost search result ranking. However, there is a little more to getting lots of views than just hitting the upload button and waiting for it to go viral.

Here are a few specific tips on how to maximize your YouTube marketing results:

  • Video Title – You want to optimize the title of your video around what words people will most likely be searching for. For example, instead of “ABC Plumbing Company video”, try something like “How to Fix Clogged Drains”.
  • Description – During upload, you can write a brief description about the video. A keyword optimized paragraph about not only what the video is about, but also including company information is going to help your search result ranking significantly.
  • Tags –Think of tags like terms viewers are likely to search that are related to your video. For our example, if you’re uploading “How to Fix Clogged Drains”, you might want to add some tags like “plumbing, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, clogged drain, etc.”

 Tip #4: Promote on Facebook

Facebook is the top social media giant out there with nearly 2 billion users. In recent years, “FB” has become increasingly optimized towards video content; especially for mobile users. Facebook is a huge video marketing arena that you don’t want to miss out on.

Here are a few specific tips on how to maximize your Facebook video marketing strategy:

  • Upload directly – You should upload your video directly to your company page for best viewing results. Facebook gives viewing priority to videos uploaded directly rather than to shared video links.
  • Boosting – During upload you can “boost” your video. This is Facebook’s paid advertising method allowing you to increase your viewer reach. You can select how much you want to spend, who you want to target, and how long the campaign runs. It’s definitely worth trying.
  • Captions – Captions for your band video are becoming increasingly more important, especially for mobile viewers. Being able to read the dialogue allows viewers to watch your video more easily and conveniently. This does take a little more advanced knowledge to do, so you may want to consult a video professional for assistance with this.

Well that’s all for now folks. Hopefully you’re a little less intimidated by how to market your company’s new brand video. And if you ever need any professional help, we are always here to lend a hand!

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