There is an infamous question that plagues just about all forms of marketing and advertising “What is the ROI??”. Just about all business owners are concerned about the Return On Investment for their marketing dollars, and for good reason. No one likes throwing money out the window right? Well, if you’re considering a new video marketing strategy for your company, be assured that there is some “proof behind the putting”. Here are a few ways video marketing can be linked to more sales and a higher ROI.

1. Video Improves Quality of Sales Leads

Today there are seriously jillions of websites out there on the internet, which generates increasingly high competition in the marketplace for any business; but especially small businesses. However, according to Hubspot, it is predicted that by the next several years there will be such an increase of video based content that it will account for roughly 74% of all web traffic. For the business owner, this means you simply can’t afford not to jump on board with video. If you want to effectively attract and retain more customers, you need to make sure that you aren’t just a website; but give your company a face and a personality. The best way to do this is with branded video content about your company. Video allows customers an opportunity to get to know who your company is and what separates you from your competitors.

Other than getting to know your company, there are other benefits to having video on your website. Let’s say a potential customer is considering your product or service. By having engaging and informative videos on your website, it captures their attention and allows them to interact with your site more than by just reading text alone. In addition, having videos on your website will improve SEO results. Another benefit to video is that it is a great way to establish a personalized connection with new customers to your site and helps you start that relationship.

2. Video = Higher Conversion Rates

If there is something you could do to your website that results in increased sales conversions by 80%, you would do it right? Well there is. According to Unbounce, by using video on your website, you can do just that. Sales leads generated from video typically tend to be better quality leads that actually convert to new customers. Why is that?

Viewers are engaged with your video, which means they are interested enough to hear what you are offering. Also, they are more likely to act on that interest by opting into your sales funnel by completing a form, download, or registration. Additionally, by adding video to your site, you will increase the time they spend on your site.

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Converting website visitors into actual paying customers will be much easier considering they have experienced your product or service by watching a video. Video also helps them to understand what your business offers and allows them to see your style and personality. This can be especially helpful not only to create relationships with web visitors, but it also helps save your prospects more time. Video is easier and more convenient to watch and understand compared to reading a plain text description.

3. Video Increases Trust

According to KissMetrics, prospects are 64% to 85% more likely to purchase from your business after watching a video. Without a way to see you in person, video gives viewers an opportunity to gain not only general insight into your business, but also your company culture and the team. Video also gives viewers an idea of who they’re buying from and puts names and faces to your company and brand. You create relationships with customers through personalized interactions and video is the best way to do this.

There are many more benefits to video marketing and how it leads to more customers and sales, but these are just a few specific ones. So, when you are ready to produce your first or next video for your company, we would love to help you produce one that will help increase sales!