Ryval Studios Signs Dana Dubay for East Coast Representation

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ST.LOUIS, Mo., September 9, 2020 – St. Louis production company Ryval Studios has signed Dana Dubay for East Coast representation, effective September 1, 2020. Founder and Executive Producer Jon Morgan launched Ryval Studios this year as a Director-based production company model with hopes of increasing the commercial production side of the business nationwide.

“Launching this new brand and signing Dana is an exciting time for the company,” says Morgan. “We have started to compete for bigger commercial work, and we believe Dana will help increase our marketability on the East Coast for top projects featuring our new Directors.”

Ryval Studios will feature work from rostered Directors Blake Farber, Danny Corey, Kevin Tkach, Michael Graf, Logan McNayand Guerrilla Film. Collectively, Ryval Studios’ directors have produced commercial content for national brands such as Nike, Reebok, Mountain Dew, Nestle, Listerine, Jimmy Johns and others. Founder Jon Morgan is confident Ryval Studios will help bring more national commercial work to the Midwest region and showcase it as a viable production resource.

To help with Ryval Studios sales efforts, Jon Morgan is thrilled to announce the signing of Independent Commercial Production Agent Dana Dubay, of Dubay, to represent Ryval Studios in the East Coast market. Effective September 1, Dana is Ryval Studios’ exclusive sales rep in the East Coast territory covering all new business efforts from the north east to south east coasts. Dana brings over 10 years of production sales experience with him and is excited to join the Ryval team.

“I’m excited to start working with Jon and Ryval Studios; Jon has a very progressive way of thinking on how to navigate through the ever-evolving business we’re in.  Ryval Studios is not restricted in any way regarding where they can shoot, so I’m looking forward to working with Jon on bringing more productions to the Midwest.”

Ryval Studios will focus primarily on nationwide commercial production opportunities direct to brand as well as through advertising agencies. For more information on Ryval Studios and to see their work, visit

About Ryval Studios

Based in St. Louis, Ryval Studios is an award-winning production company launched by sister company, JM Films in 2020. Founded in 2015, JM Films has quickly become one of the top production companies in St. Louis. JM Films has produced video marketing content for national brands such as Mastercard, Energizer, Taco Bell, NHL and more. Ryval Studios will focus on nationwide commercial production opportunities.