Talent shortage has become a real problem for recruiters, with 73% of employers having a difficult time finding skilled candidates with the necessary talents.  This is making it more and more important for employers to get creative in their efforts to attract top talent. With this trend expected to continue, recruiters need to think more like a marketer to attract candidates. In this blog post we will discuss some of the main reasons why video marketing can help your company better recruit and attract potential employees.

Reason #1: Engage More Applicants

One of the big reasons video can help you reach more applicants is simply because it holds the attention of viewers more than just a text description. A job posting comprised of only text will hold a candidate’s attention for an average of 55 seconds. With a video advertisement on the other hand, a candidate will spend an average of 5 minutes and 23 seconds. With the overwhelming amount of job postings out there, written content doesn’t engage applicants nearly as much as video content does. In addition to just reaching more applicants, the conversion rate is equally impressive with video job postings having a 34% higher application rate.

Reason #2: Show off Your Company Culture 

Reading through job postings can be a mind numbing process for job seekers. Not only does video marketing catch the attention of more viewers, but it also gives you the chance to differentiate your company and show off your culture. By giving  potential employees a look at the environment they would be working in, you can help them better decide if it’s a right fit for them before applying. Although qualities like technical skills are important in the hiring process, ensuring a cultural fit is key. Some ideas of what to include in this video are:

  • Footage of the office 
  • Testimonials from current employees 
  • Company wide events

Reason #3: Increase Quality of Applicants

Hiring a new employee can be a long and expensive process, taking an average of 42 days to fill a position. Given this, it’s becoming increasingly important to quickly find the right applicants that are the right fit for the role. Video can help you do this by allowing applicants an opportunity to get a better understanding of the role and its responsibilities better than a regular job description. Candidates are much more likely to watch a video job description than read one. In fact,  80% of Americans agree that they’d understand a job role better by watching a video. Utilizing video can give applicants a better understanding of the job to determine if they are the right fit prior to applying. This alone can lead to an  increased number of quality applicants.

Well this wraps up the main reasons video marketing can help your recruiting process. As always, if you have more questions or need help producing one for your company, we’re only a phone call away or visit our website at jmfilms.com