If you’ve already decided to incorporate a video content into your company’s marketing strategy, which you should, you’re probably wondering what direction to take with your video to fully maximize it’s potential. Lucky for you, professional video production companies, like JM Films for example, are experts at coming up with creative ideas to make your brand video unique and successful. In the mean time, check out just a few of the many directions you can go in with video marketing that will really engage your target customers and lead to conversations that will drive sales. If a customer engages with your video, you’ve already jumped way ahead of the competition, just like that.

 Here’s just 4 of some of the most used and most effective types of video content:

    • Interviews

      Interviews are great to give viewers a taste of what the company is like and hear first-hand from some of the people that work there or are associated with the company. When a viewer watches a video interview, they can immediately create connections with the personalities of these people and start to build a relationship with the company. Also, interviews will establish credibility and trust between the viewer and the information being given in the video by leaders or experts.

    • Webinars

 Informative and a bit more simplistic, webinars are great for explaining a product or service and detailing the benefits for that product or service’s customers. Webinars are generally less personal and are primarily focused on presenting customers with specific answers to questions that arise within the company.

    • Testimonials 

Similarly to interviews, testimonials can also help customers create the connection that you want to drive sales. The more people that talk about your brand and your brand’s video, the more customers you’ll accumulate. People love to hear what others have to say about a product or service. The details of what they loved and what they hated, and to get a general idea of their experience with your company. They are great tools to influence prospective buyers as long as they don’t seem scripted and come from real customers’ honest opinions. With the rise of review websites like Yelp and Facebook, testimonials are already being used by most companies. Putting some of these testimonials in video form is going to drive home what sets your company apart from the competitors.

    • Cultural Content 

Often times companies want to show more than just the products and services it is trying to sell customers. This is a great tactic because emotional connections are going to drive consumer engagement and loyalty to your brand. Showing the internal culture of the company, along with its mission and values, is the best way to pull the customers away from the competition. More so nowadays people love to see all of the dirty details before they invest in something. Let them feel like they are behind the scenes of the company, getting completely informed in the great investment they are going to embark in.


A big part of the mission here at JM Films is to create videos that are unique to your company and not just a template. They should strive to tell more than just the basic information that people can get off the company’s website. What’s important to us is the why. Why does this matter? Why do you do what you do? Why should customers invest their time and money into your company? The WHY is what drives sales and generates loyal customers that stick around. The WHY is what makes a difference.

Now that you have a bit of a background on a few types of video content, think about what direction you want to go with your company and think of the values your brand prides itself on. And if you need any other tips or help from a professional, we’re always here to lend a hand!

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