When it comes to marketing content, video is the way to go. But one of the biggest misconceptions about video production is why is it so expensive? With iPhone cameras, and apps that let any beginner create video these days, it’s sometimes hard to see the value in professional video. Anyone can hit record on a camera, but not everyone can make a quality video that gets results. In this article we’re going to explain some of the bigger factors of cost when it comes to professional video production.

Type of Project

When it comes to video production, the type of video being created can greatly influence cost. Some videos are much simpler and less time consuming to make, where as more complex videos can take upwards of 40-80 hours to complete. For example, an animated video is produced completely differently than a simple live action interview video. Animation requires that every element on the screen be modeled and created from scratch making it a much more time-consuming and costly process. Or a video with lots of complex graphics is going to require more time editing than a video without any. A basic video requiring only one day of shooting with simple graphics is much less involved than a video shot in multiple locations, over multiple days with 3D animation. Depending on the type of video your business wants to produce and what you plan to use it for, costs can vary greatly. So, in general, the more complex videos, the more time involved, which typically will have a big influence on cost.

Level of Quality

One of the biggest factors of cost when producing a video is production quality. Anyone can shoot a video on their smartphone, but professional video producers use high tech equipment for higher quality video that can be very expensive. When you hire a video producer, you’re not only paying for their time and expertise, but also the use of their equipment used on set, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some cameras used by video producers can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars and that’s only with one camera; likely more than one will be used. The nicer the camera, the better the quality will be compared to filming on a phone or GoPro.

High quality video production requires more than just a nice camera though. Lighting, tripods, props, microphones, editing software and other equipment can add thousands of dollars more in equipment cost. In addition to the equipment itself, professional video requires a full team of specialized crew in charge of operating the camera, someone else in charge of lighting, a sound recordist, and possibly even actors depending on your video. All of these people need to be paid too, so when you look at the quote for your video and are surprised by the price, keep in mind all of the equipment and people that are going to be involved in the process to make your video high quality.


Scope of Project

Another big factor of cost is the size of the project. Video costs can vary greatly depending on the scope of the production. In other words, how big your project is. For example, a brand video that is being shot in multiple locations over multiple days with actors is going to require a lot more resources than a simple interview video shot in a couple hours. The scope of a video determines the amount of time and resources required to produce it, which influences costs.

In addition to the time and resources spent during production, there is also countless hours that go into the pre-production and post-production phases to make the video. Before actual filming takes place, many hours of pre-production (or planning) are put in scheduling, writing scripts, scouting locations, getting permits and overall preparation. Likewise, after filming is complete, post-production (or editing) requires logging and sorting footage, coloring, grading, making graphics etc. A video can go through multiple edits before it is finished, meaning a project can take weeks at a time. The overall production process and what you’re paying for when you hire a professional goes towards way more than the actual hours just spent during filming.

Well this wraps up the three most important reasons professional video production costs what it does. As always, if you have more questions or need help producing your own video, we’re only a phone call away or visit our website at jmfilms.com