There are many things business can, and should, try to save money on. I get it. As a business owner myself it’s important to keep costs down when you can; and sometimes try to do things yourself. However, there are some things that really are worth hiring professionals to do for your company. One of those is video production. Here are a few reasons why you should trust a professional to produce that brand video for your company instead of trying to do it yourself.

Reason #1: We’re Professionals

Just like you are considered a professional in your field, we are professionals in video production. We do this full time for a living, not as an amateur or hobbyist. We not only know exactly how to produce your next video, but we also have the experience, training and equipment to make it top-notch. So, when it comes to your next video, please trust us. You don’t want to trust your next big video project to the new intern who bought their first DSLR last summer. Let us help you instead.

Reason #2: It Can Actually Save You Money

Consider this scenario for a company who has the marketing department produce a brand video to “cut costs”. Let’s say salaries for the department total $250K per year. That’s over $20k per month. Let’s say they spend an entire month planning and scripting. Then they rent equipment since they don’t own any. Then one of the marketing staff spends another month editing it. So, in the end, the company really spent approximately $40K on salaries, overhead and equipment to produce this video when they thought they were “saving” money. However, a professional production company could have likely produced their video for a fraction of the cost.

Reason #3: Production Quality

We have all seen those really bad videos on YouTube you can’t even finish they are so terrible. You know, the ones shot with cell phones or video cameras with the person talking outside with the blinding sun in the background and no microphone? This is what is called poor production quality. What impression do you get of that person, or company, after you watch a video like that? Bad, right? We have all the right gear and equipment to ensure your video will be top notch so that people get the right impression of your company, instead of a bad one.

These are not all the reasons you should hire a professional, but these are 3 big ones. Please consider letting us help you whether you are producing your first, or next, video. I promise you won’t regret it.