How To Get More Views For Your Brand Video

By July 24, 2017 No Comments

So here you are, you’ve finally finished a brand video for your company and now you’re wondering when the calls and sales are going to start flooding in, right? Promoting your video in the right way is equally, if not more important than creating a high quality video. Because video marketing has become such a large driving factor in sales, awareness, and overall brand success, we thought it would be a good idea to answer the question of why you’re not seeing the fame you thought you’d see on your fancy-shmancy new brand video.

  • Reaching the right target audience

Consider your target customer. Think about the profile of this customer, and place yourself in their shoes for a minute. How are they going to come across your company? What kind of content do they want to watch? Where do you want them to find you? Make sure that your brand is easily accessible to the people you are trying to sell to. A funny cat video is something that many people may love to watch and can reach a very large audience, but that probably has nothing to do with your brand. Make sure your video is relevant to the people you want to reach and it’s something that would catch their attention. 


  • Share and promote it on the right channels

A fast way to get your brand video out to the public is posting on every social media platform that you can. Share, like, post, and promote your video to increase the odds of your target customer stumbling upon your company. Many people automatically think of YouTube when they think of video marketing. (Which is excellent marketing for YouTube!) But that’s not all you need for your video to be successful. Facebook has far surpassed YouTube in its users and activity. Don’t forget to share your video on your company website, twitter, Instagram, and any other channel you utilize. Social media is free! Also keep in mind that the channel’s you use should reflect who your target market is and how old they are. Check out this website that shows the demographics of users on various platforms and who uses what the most:


  • Is your video hard to view, understand, or connect with?

Make sure the title of your video accurately depicts what the viewer is about to watch. Even though “Funny Blooper Compilation” might get more people to click into it, that could end up getting you in trouble and generate negative connotations with your company. Make sure to use Descriptions, Tags, Captions, Links, etc. to optimize your video. Stay tuned for next week when we get into detail on each of these factors that go into posting a video! But for now, keep your descriptions clear and concise, use many relevant tags to increase the number of routes viewers can take to find your video, and make sure to include a link to your website and a link that your viewers can take to easily connect with you. 


  • Capture and keep the attention of your viewers

We suggest keeping your video strictly under 4 minutes, but optimally 1-3 minutes is what is going to keep the viewer’s attention best. If your video is any longer, your viewers are just going to become distracted and click on something else. “According to HubSpot, 5% of viewers stop watching a video after one minute and 60% by two minutes” ( The length of your video also greatly depends on what kind of video content it is and your company. A tutorial, testimonial, or documentary tend to be accepted on a bit longer time frame because people watching those types of video content are watching it to be informed about a specific subject. If it is an awareness video to get your brand out there, like an advertisement, keeping it short and sweet is going to be most successful.

That’s all for today, but tune in next week for even more on posting videos to social media platforms. And as always, if you ever need any professional help, we are always here to lend a hand!