Over the last two decades marketing and advertising has changed tremendously. In the mid 90’s, the .com boom began with Hotwired offering first ever online ads for a mere $30,000. Then, in the mid 2000’s, the rise of cell phones forever changed advertising, introducing the need for mobile ads. Now, it’s 2017 and the big boom is video based marketing. So, if your company is on the fence, many marketers might say it’s “video or bust!”. But here’s why.

Reason #1: Efficiency

Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text? We are hard wired to process visual data and information much faster than text, so it makes video marketing a “no brainer”. Just think about it. When given the choice, you often tend to watch a video instead of reading a lengthy article right? It’s because it’s so much easier and more convenient.

Reason #2: Effectiveness

Research shows that 80% of people can recall a video ad they watched on a website in the last 30 days. No other form of marketing or advertising can come close to that. Also, 95% of people can retain a message when watching a video compared to a mere 10% when reading text. So not only do people remember the video, but they also retain the message better.

Reason #3: Relevance

Today there are 100 million internet users that watch online video every day. On YouTube alone, there are 1 billion visitors each month making up for over 4 billion hours of video watched. And nearly 1/3 of all internet traffic is watching video. These enormous numbers prove that video marketing is the wave of the future. To remain relevant in the marketplace you must incorporate video somehow in your B2B or B2C marketing and advertising strategy.

Reason #4: Results

Just like any form of marketing or advertising, there are skeptics who question the results video marketing produces. But let me ask you this. What other form of marketing influences consumers by as much as 85% when making a purchasing decision? Or here’s another question. What other form of advertising directly causes consumers to take a desired action by as much as 46%?  Nothing comes close to the results of video marketing. Consumers are online more, spend more time on websites, buy more products and services, and share more content all as a direct result of video marketing.


These aren’t all the reasons why your company needs video marketing, but these are biggest ones. You don’t want to be left behind in the marketing world so give video marketing some more thought. And if you need any other tips or help from a professional, we’re always here to lend a hand!


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