With unemployment at an all-time low, job seekers have increasingly more power in the hiring process. Recent statistics show that 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers feel the labor market is candidate-driven, with top candidates only being available an average of 10 days. In this blog post we’re going to tell you the best types of videos to use for employee recruitment purposes, and how they can help benefit your company’s hiring process to increase the number of quality applicants and distinguish your company from competitors.  


#1: Video Job Description

Using a video to explain a job posting is a great way to inform candidates of the job they’re applying for. By going into detail on the expectations, responsibilities and duties of the job available, a candidate can get a clear view of what exactly they can expect from the job. Reading job postings can be a tiresome and grueling process for job seekers. In fact,  80% of Americans would actually agree that a video of a recruiter talking about a role as part of a job ad would help them better understand a job opportunity. These types of videos can help give candidates the specifics they need to fully understand the job at hand and attract those interested.


#1: Company Culture Video

Company culture videos are a great way to show potential employees what sets your company apart. Videos like this can really help express your brand and core values. These videos can be displayed on your company’s career page and reflect who your company is as a whole and what makes you unique. 

The main goal of company culture videos is to attract employees to what makes your company special. They should make candidates think “I want to work there”. If your company does a cool weekly event that employees love, this would be great to showcase in a video. You want to show candidates why people enjoy working at your company and what makes it a fun environment. By showing candidates the environment and culture they’d potentially be working in, job seekers can better decide if they’d be a good fit for your company.


#3: Employee Testimonials

When people are trying to picture themselves in a new job, while hearing from a CEO is certainly important, people want to hear from the everyday employees too. Employee testimonials are a great way to communicate to job seekers the experiences of other employees. It also allows them to see the people they could potentially be working alongside. Hearing from other employees about their stories and experiences working in the company can help candidates put themselves “in their shoes”. This can be really helpful for candidates, and allow them to picture themselves in the company. 

Employee testimonials also helps build trust with candidates. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, employees were ranked as the most trusted influencers when communicating about their company’s engagement and integrity. In fact candidates trust actual employees 3x more than employers when providing information and details about working at a company. Using  testimonials in your employee recruitment process can prove to be a great way to attract and connect with job seekers in a more real and powerful way.


Video marketing is a great way to reach a greater audience and improve your companies employee recruitment process. Whether you’re trying to inform candidates about a job posting, portray your company culture, or connect candidates through employee testimonials, video can be key in setting your company apart.

Well this wraps up the best ways to utilize video marketing in your employee recruitment process. As always, if you have more questions or need help producing one for your company, we’re only a phone call away or visit our website at jmfilms.com


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